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Gavin and Michael excited to have Ryan in the office [x]

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the varying frequencies of geoff ramsey’s laughter


always reblog Geoff’s laugh. I swear it can cure any bad day you have.

Geoff’s laugh can not only cure a bad day, it is also proven to cure cancer!

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dream date:

take me to the mall

give me $2000 


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For all of you that hate Lindsey look at it this way, she’s a achievement hunter and you’re not

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Kiss the rain adam *_* #AdamLambert

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Yeahhhh i’m dead *_* #AdamLambert

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Vogue #AdamLambert

Photo 20 Apr 1 note He is so damn pretty *_* #AdamLambert

He is so damn pretty *_* #AdamLambert

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